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Creative Marketing

At Whimsigirl, we take pride in our digital presence as a platform for storytelling, community engagement, and customer feedback. We're seeking a Social/Digital Marketing Executive to lead our digital social presence.

In this role, you will run all of Whimsigirl’s social media account, lead content creation, develop the brand narrative, distinctive visual aesthetic and be at the forefront in helping develop a brand ambassador network.

The ideal candidate is sharp, quick-witted, highly flexible and adaptable to the changing business needs. This person should also be savvy in street culture, have extensive experience in writing copy + creating compelling visual stories on major social platforms.

What you'll do:

  • Oversee Whimsigirl’s social media channel (from content creation to publishing to community management)
  • Lead creative content creation including photo/video shoots.
  • Use Channel + audience insights to develop an ongoing content strategy
  • Create and source visual content (photo, video, gifs)
  • Write strong, punchy, and bold copy that connects with our audience
  • Develop an ongoing engagement plan for the brand ambassador network program
  • Manage a weekly and monthly content calendar that is approved by key members of the team
  • Track key performance metrics on a weekly and monthly basis

Your profile:

  • At least 2 years related work experience
  • Strong creative skills (writing, photography, and video editing)
  • Excellent Brief writing abilities
  • Expert knowledge of all things digital and social
  • Take initiative, resourceful, quick learner
  • A pulse on street culture + future trends in the fashion industry
  • Cultural Zeitgeist; you understand the internet, social and culture
  • Knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, Video Editing & Email marketing is a plus
  • Flexibility to work weekends


Ready-to-wear Designer

What you'll do:

As a Ready-to-wear Designer, you will utilize your organisational skills to assist and support the Design team with daily design-related tasks. You will be creating commercially practical, relevant and timeless womenswear– from product ideation to final products. This is a full time role for a candidate who truly understands our target customer and is passionate about their work.

  • Draw, design and develop new clothing and accessory samples, and create and turn in documentation worksheets.
  • Manage production and liaise with manufacturers.
  • Provide both creative and practical support to the Design team by pooling ideas and handling design works.
  • Conduct research and surveys on current fashion trends.
  • Perform extensive market trend research to understand competitive opportunities.
  • Assist the Design team throughout the product development procedure.
  • Strong P.O.V on current fashion and style trends.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with Production and Creative Marketing in producing quality products.
  • Develop and create accurate spec packs and detailed layouts.
  • Document and preserve all illustrations, detailed layouts, design works and sheets for future references. 

Your profile:

  • Minimum 2 years experience in a similar role
  • Creative, visionary and innovative with a passion for fashion
  • High competency in collection, colour coordination as well as in visual communication
  • Experience with managing production and manufacturers
  • Technical knowledge of textile materials, sewing and pattern-making
  • Understands Whimsigirl’s target customers
  • Adapts to a fast-paced work environment
  • Purpose-driven and a self-starter
  • Deliver the best work on a daily basis


Girl Guide (Part-Time / Full-Time)

What you'll do:

We are now offline for the first time in Bangsar and looking for an energetic team that can deliver the best shopping experience possible for our customers. This team will serve as the face of Whimsigirl, and we’re looking to hire those who can make an awesome first impression on every individual who comes through the door. (This position is paid hourly.)

  • Working with our customers and being the true ‘IRL’ Whimsigirl experience
  • Processing purchases, returns and exchanges
  • Being an expert on our brand and our products
  • Offering style and fit advice
  • Keeping our store clean and tidy
  • Organizing and preparing inventory
  • Communicating and collaborating with team
  • Standing and moving for ≥ 8 hours
  • Restocking floor throughout the day

Your profile:

  • Experienced in retail, sales, or service industry for at least one year
  • Passionate about helping others
  • A quick thinker, problem solver and who learns from their own mistakes
  • Adaptable to a high-change working environment
  • Ambitious and self-motivated
  • An exceptional communicator
  • A believer in the Whimsigirl’s mission and values


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