Whimsigirl X Ana Tomy : 2019 Planner & Notebook

Made of wood-free, high-strength FSC-certified pulp and surface coated with anti-fingermark treatment. 
Sourced from Italy and 
meticulously assembled by hand.
You may customise your notebook from a wide selection of insert papers that contain a basic collection of blank, ruled, dotted or grid formats.
Our customisable planner also includes annual calendar, to-do lists, perpetual monthly and weekly planner as well as layouts for learning and progress tracking.


Fully concealed cover

The custom developed cloth spine is meticulously assembled by hand to hold the book covers, discreetly concealing the twin loop wires that secure the pages together.

Adjustable pen loop

The pen loop features a hook-and-loop fastener for quick and easy adjustment, ensuring a perfect fit to hold any pen. On the reverse, we have added a layer of laminated film for strength and scratch resistance.

Reduced twin loop wires

A double looped wire is fed through the punched holes and then crimped to secure the pages. The loop has been reduced further to ease the comfort of your writing experience and allow you to work on both pages at once. It is designed for the left-handed, right-handed and ambidextrous alike.

Stickers for indexing

In addition, every ana tomy notebook comes with an index sticker which you can paste onto the spine, and a name sticker for your name, title or the date you began using it. You can easily divide the notebook into sections or mark the important pages.

Unrivalled quality

We searched far and wide to source materials from the most reputable suppliers across the globe, and then married an approach to modernity with traditional craft. This results in a product that is timeless and able to withstand the test of time.

Make it personal

Inscribe your name or a quote you live by, it is your notebook – the choice is entirely yours.


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